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Furnishings… Not Just Furniture!

Here at Ridge Home Furnishings, we really like to emphasize the word “Furnishings” in our name. That’s because we feel like people overlook this element of our store and concentrate only on the furniture. Sure, we have tons of well-made chairs, couches, and dining room tables, but we are also realistic. We know that a new dining room set or recliner is a big expense and not everyone can afford this on a regular basis. That’s why we also carry so many accent pieces that can be used to add character to a room without spending a small fortune.

As I walked through the store this morning, I noticed a few items that really stood out. There are centerpieces on all of the display tables in the store. These aren’t just there for decoration… they’re for sale! So are the shelves of vases and bowls along the back wall. We even carry a selection of rugs that you can use to decorate on a seasonal basis. To see all of these items and more, check out our website at


Memorial Day Specials for our Fans

Facebook is such a fast and easy way to reach hundreds or thousands of people with just a few clicks. That is why we at Ridge Home Furnishings are so excited to have our own fan page. It lets us offer special deals to some of our favorite customers with just a couple of key strokes and the click of a button!

Memorial Day is coming up on May 30th,2011 (next Monday!). As a way of showing our fans how much we appreciate them, we are offering several special deals that day. Walk into our store wearing red, white, and blue on Memorial Day and mention that you are a Facebook fan. We then have a couple of special deals we’ll let you choose from.


The regular price on these is $19.99, but we are giving them to our fans for only $7.99 on Memorial Day. There are about 6 different styles to choose from, so take home the one that you think best matches your home!


This set of vases usually retails for over $100, but we are practically giving them away to fans for $29. Yes, that price is for the entire set. These definitely are well suited to the modern look and would make a great centerpiece for a dining room or kitchen table.

So there you have it… two special deals on Memorial Day, just for you! If you happen not to be a fan of our facebook page, be sure to add us. We are also running a Kindle promotion right now and all you have to do is like the page (become a fan) by June 30th, 2011 to be entered to win. This is just the first of many deals that we plan on offering our fans this summer, so don’t forget to sign up!

Spring has Sprung

Great Ways to Add Spring Colors to Your Home

Adding bright colors to your home for spring is as simple as replacing a couple of blandly colored pieces. Try replacing a couple of plain wooden pieces with hand-painted chests and drawers like this one. Add a couple of cute tablecloths or wall hangings and your room will have a completely new feel!

Another great way to add some spring character is to place fresh flowers around the home. Find an attractive vase or set of vases and go to town! Daisies are perfect for spring. As summer approaches, try complimenting your accents with fresh snapdragons and lilies.

Redecorating for spring also keeps the rest of your furniture looking appealing. When fall comes (let’s not focus on that yet!) you will have the opportunity to put your year-round furniture back in its place.  Guests will think it is new when they walk in and see the change, but you’ll know the secret!

Fall in love with Amish-made outdoor furniture

A well-made wooden swing or Adirondack chair adds a certain element of style to a backyard.  Unfortunately, a lot of outdoor furniture is made cheaply and will only withstand a season of two of  wear before it breaks down. Handmade Amish furniture is the exception!

Cherry, cedar, and hickory are the woods that the Amish use most often. These are all hard woods and will withstand the wear and tear of outdoor weather and daily use for years to come! The fact that all of the furniture is handmade also means that more attention is paid to details. It has a very natural look and can be incorporated into any backyard decorating scheme.

If you have driven past our store on Sheridan and Millersport you have probably seen the collection of outdoor furniture that has taken over our parking lot! It’s all Amish-made and ready to be taken home today. Stop in for a closer look and see if something catches your eye.