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Spring has Sprung

Great Ways to Add Spring Colors to Your Home

Adding bright colors to your home for spring is as simple as replacing a couple of blandly colored pieces. Try replacing a couple of plain wooden pieces with hand-painted chests and drawers like this one. Add a couple of cute tablecloths or wall hangings and your room will have a completely new feel!

Another great way to add some spring character is to place fresh flowers around the home. Find an attractive vase or set of vases and go to town! Daisies are perfect for spring. As summer approaches, try complimenting your accents with fresh snapdragons and lilies.

Redecorating for spring also keeps the rest of your furniture looking appealing. When fall comes (let’s not focus on that yet!) you will have the opportunity to put your year-round furniture back in its place.  Guests will think it is new when they walk in and see the change, but you’ll know the secret!